Dear Parent/Guardian,


I hope that you and your family had an enjoyable and restful Christmas Break. As baptized Roman Catholic’s, grade two is a particularly significant year as your child begins preparation for the reception of two sacraments; First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. I am sure you remember with fondness the time you celebrated these sacraments; I know that I certainly do. If we all play our part; Home, School and Church, the children of class 2021 will feel the same.                                                                                                      


As parent/guardian you are your child’s primary educator. It is through your daily words and actions that your child learns the most. It is with and through you and your family that they first experience love, community, church, reconciliation and the beauty and joy of the sacraments in their lives. Having said all this, you are not alone in your desire and efforts to teach and prepare your children.  


In conjunction with the in class instruction by the grade 2 teacher St. Alfred parish expects all children requesting Reconciliation and First Holy Communion to participate in an 8 week online program beginning February 8th. This interactive program if fun, and gives you as a parent an opportunity to participate in your child’s preparation for these sacraments.                                                  


We rely heavily on our teachers to provide the formal part of your child’s education and preparation. It is with joy and gratitude that we acknowledge all of our teachers, not just for the great job they do teaching, but also for their love of, and commitment to, the sacraments in their daily lives.                                                                                                                                                    

Due to the current pandemic and the uncertain road that lies ahead we are not setting firm dates for either sacrament at this time. I am sure you understand.


We, your pastoral team, would ask you to fill out the First Communion/Reconciliation Registration Form and include a copy of proof of baptism in the Roman Catholic Church.

Please fill out the form online with proof of baptism by Monday February 1st, 2021.