Dear parents,

  As you already know, 2021 is a special year in the life of your daughter/son. This year he/she will celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation with, his Excellency, Bishop Gerard Bergie, the Bishop of St. Catharines. This is the final step in the process of initiation into the Catholic Church. Through the conferring of this sacrament they will be recipients of a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit and become full members of the Church. This is indeed a joyous occasion for all of us.                                                                    

Needless to say, preparation is a vital component as this special day draws near. The teachers have already been working with the students through study, community service and prayer. You also, as a parent, have a vital role to play in your child’s preparation.


This year we will be working through a 5 week online program with all grade 8 students wishing to be confirmed. More information regarding the program will be given once we receive all the registration forms online.


Due to the current pandemic and the uncertain road that lies ahead we are not setting firm dates for the sacrament at this time. I am sure you understand.


We, your pastoral team, would ask you to fill out the Confirmation Registration Form and include a copy of proof of baptism in the Roman Catholic Church online.


Please fill out the form online with proof of baptism by Friday February 12th, 2021